The Armitage II

The Armitage II

JC Deco Painting is certified through Devoe Coatings, PPG, Sherwin Williams and General Polymers as an epoxy floor coating specialist.

Our dedicated epoxy flooring crew will take exceptional care as they prepare your floor, and you can rest assured you’ll receive the highest quality and safest coatings available.

Protect Your Investment

Floors undergo much wear and tear. Coating with epoxy or urethane products will protect the floor from chemical corrosion, oil spills, wear & tear, scratching and damage. JC Deco Painting Epoxy Coating Team will help you extend the life of your concrete, while providing a cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant environment. Improve Safety Brighter work areas, anti-skid surfaces and controlled concrete dusting all lead to improved safety. JC Deco Painting installs Epoxy Flooring for many hospitals, laboratories, commercial kitchens, cold rooms, and restroom facilities because it is easily cleaned and sterilized. Epoxy coatings and striping create work spaces that are safe, bright, clean, and efficient.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Urethane and epoxy floors increase light reflectivity by up to 300% which will brighten the space, maximize productivity, and even cut down on utility expenses. JC Deco Painting experienced Epoxy Coating Team will help you reduce your floor maintenance, cleaning costs, and replacement needs.

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* Anti-Skid Safety Concerns

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