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About US

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J.C Deco Painting & Waterproofing is a painting contracting company with a team of dedicated professionals that have a wide range of experience in all fields of the painting industry. We have serviced the Miami-Dade and Broward county areas for the last 14 years. Thru out this time we have being able to build our company on a foundation of experience knowledge, skill and with a commitment to excellence on every job we do. Our company manages every project with attention to every detail and dedication to superior craftsmanship. Our people work hard to complete projects on time, on budget and with the skill and care that you expect from professionals. We are a fully licensed, insured and workers compensation covered company, capable of performing any type and size project that you may have. Painter, Paint Contractors, Commercial, Residential Painting,  Weston, Pembroke Pines and Coral Gables.

Our Mission

Is to provide quality workmanship and excellent service, provide high performance workmanship and responsive service. From the estimate to the completed job, you can depend on the service and quality that is the hallmark of our reputation

Why Hire JC Deco Painting

High Customer Ratings

JC Deco Painting works diligently to maintain its distinguished reputation for providing 20+ years of quality work, exceptional service and complete customer satisfaction in the residential painting industry.

JC Deco Painting managers have been with us for over 10 years, and with that, have the necessary skill and experience to be the best in the business. Check our reviews or ask us for references.

No Mess, No Stress

Our painters are reliable professionals who arrive on time, maintain a neat work environment, respect your property, and treat everyone in your household with the utmost courtesy.

Full-Time Professionals

JC Deco painters are full-time employees, not sub contractors.

Expert Color Advice
At your request, JC Deco Painting color specialists will meet with you and offer color recommendations based on your space and your style.

Certified Licensed Contractor
JC Deco Painting has received residential certification from the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America , an honor few painting contractors can claim. JC Deco is also licensed in the Miami Dade and Broward.

Fully Insured

JC Deco Painting is fully insured. This includes, for your protection, up to $2 million liability.

Two-Year Warranty
JC Deco Painting stands behind its work with a two-year warranty.

Warranty/Terms of Service

JC Deco Painting. warrants labor and material for a period of two years. If paint failure appears, we will supply labor and materials to correct the condition without cost. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Our responsibility is limited to correcting the condition as indicated above.

This warranty excludes, and in no event will JC Deco Painting, be responsible for consequential or incidental damages caused by accident or abuse, normal wear and tear, temperature changes, settlement or moisture; i.e., nail pops or cracks caused by expansion and/or contraction. Cracks will be properly prepared as indicated at time of job, but will not be covered under this warranty.

Exclusions also include:

* Painted or stained horizontal walking surfaces (i.e. decks, floors and steps), dirt and mildew accumulation.

* Paint failure due to rotted wood, structural defects, moisture intrusion, failure of previous paint coatings and insect infestation.

JC Deco Painting is not responsible for differences in paint color when performing warranty work.

At JC Deco Painting we understand that hiring interior and exterior painting contractors and inviting them into your home to paint is an act of trust. Every day, on every job, our painters earn the trust of our customers by making sure the painting project is completed correctly, promptly and with minimal interruption for the customer.

Before we begin painting, you’ll meet the crew leader and other painters who will be working in your home. All of JC Deco Painting crew members are employees — not subcontractors — who have been trained through JC Deco Painting formal apprenticeship program. JC Deco Painting painters double check painting and color choices, set up a dedicated site for tools and ask about any pets we need to watch out for. We review everything with you before we begin to make sure we understand exactly what you want. Objects and surfaces that will not be painted will be covered and protected. We prepare the surfaces carefully, knowing that prep work is the most important part of any paint job. Only then do we begin painting. The result of all this preparation: A pleasant experience and a beautiful paint job to enjoy for years to come.

Interior Paint Preparation

The following are JC Deco general terms and conditions which are incorporated in each customer contract.

* JC Deco Painting will cover and protect all furnishings and floors.

* Hardware will be removed and re-installed. This includes curtain rods, window latches, switch plates and cover plates. Door knobs, thermostats and alarm system hardware will not be removed.

* We will scrape, patch and sand walls.

* Before applying final coats, we will re-inspect and patch walls as necessary.

* Wall and ceiling cracks will be filled with spackling compound. When the compound is dry, we will sand it smooth. More advanced cracks will receive an application of fiberglass joint tape, and will be spackled and sanded smooth.

* We also will scrape and sand rough areas created by previous paint failure.

* Glossy surfaces and trim will be sanded and cleaned to assure proper paint adhesion.

* We will apply a stain sealer to water and tannin wood stains.

* We will caulk cracks in wood trim and along wall/trim interfaces.

* We will clean up and vacuum work areas at the end of each day. Debris will be taken away.

* When the job is completed, unused paint will be labeled and left at the job site.

* Wallpaper removal: Due to the concealed conditions of existing wall coverings, it may be impossible to estimate the labor of removal and preparation necessary to achieve a properly painted or wall papered surface. Under normal conditions wall covering can be removed properly without damage to the surface; however, sometimes the substrate has not been sealed properly or other hidden conditions may exist. Due to these factors, added labor and material cost may become necessary.

Exterior Painting

JC Deco Painting is an exterior painting company that knows what it takes to deliver a high-quality finish that will keep your home looking great for years to come. We continuously train and educate our exterior painters in best practices. Each one has taken part in the company’s formal painting apprenticeship program.

When a paint job is done poorly, it begins to peel within a year. Our painting team thoroughly inspects, preps, and seals every surface of the property before 2 coats of paint are applied. JC Deco Painting provides a written two-year warranty on all exterior painting. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our work. We also keep the customer experience headache-free. We are courteous, arrive on time, respect your home, and keep the work area neat. Our painters go the extra mile to ensure your lawn and garden are kept looking neat and clean through the project.

Exterior Paint Preparation

The following are Nolan’s general terms and conditions which are incorporated in each customer contract.

* JC Deco Painting will protect all necessary areas with drop cloths.

* Surfaces will be scraped of peeling paint and sanded. Glossy surfaces will be sanded to assure proper adhesion.

* Deteriorated glazing compound around windows will be replaced, and window sashes will be razored clean and washed (if applicable).

* All cracks in wood will be filled with latex caulk to lock out moisture. If wood repairs are needed, customer will be notified. Customer may contract with JC Deco Painting to do carpentry repairs.

* Areas of bare wood will be primed.

* When the job is completed, paint residue and debris will be cleaned up and taken away. Unused paint will be labeled and left at job site.

* Due to conditions that may not be observable at the time of evaluation, additional repairs/costs may become necessary. Customer will be notified at time of discovery if any such conditions later become apparent and will be required to sign an Additional Work Order for said repairs.

Free Estimates

If you are looking for high-quality residential or commercial painting services, outdoor staining and protectant or pressure washing call us today for a free estimate. Part of our goal of providing superior customer service is giving you an idea of the costs related to your project free of charge. Tell us about your home or business needs and we can provide you with an estimation of costs based on labor,…


Quick Personal Response

When you choose Sharpton Painting for your commercial or residential painting needs we will send a representative out to your location and begin assessing your project right away. Our goal is to get the job done right the first time and completed quickly. The appearance of your home or business is important to you and it is our goal to get you up and running right away.


License and Insured Specialists

All of our employees are licensed and insured specialists. This means we care a lot about the work and quality that is going into each job by making sure the people working on your home and business are fully qualified. Each of our employees brings with them years of experience and the excellent customer service attitude that is the largest part of the Sharpton reputation.


Residential and Commercial Service

We offer painting services for business, commercial and residential properties. Our services are priced depending on the level of work that is going into your project and made to fit your budget. When dealing with any project whether commercial or residential you are going to get the same level of professional, ethical and efficient service that comes with each Sharpton job. If you are looking…


Drywall Repair

Holes or cracks in your drywall? Water damage? Call Sharpton Painting today and let us handle any cosmetic repairs to your home or commercial property’s drywall. Our experts will do it right the first time. After we are done you will never know that hole or damage was there in the first place.


Deck, Patio, Privacy Fence Stain / Seal Coating

Painting is not the only service we offer. Let us come out and improve your outdoor environments with natural stains and protectants. We can work on your deck, patio or privacy fence to protect it from the elements and also add a bit of luxury to your property. Your fence and patios are going to be seen by everyone so make sure you hire the right experts to keep them looking brand new.


Full Service Pressure Washing

In addition to painting Sharpton offers pressure washing services for residential and businesses properties. We can take years of grime and build up off of your building’s exterior, fence, patio or driveway to reveal its original colors. Call us today and we will give you a free estimate.


Wall Paper Removal

When done incorrectly wall paper removal can cause even more damage to your walls resulting in greater costs. We have the right tools and experience to completely remove all traces of ruined or outdated wallpaper from your walls. If stripping the wallpaper off your interior happens to be part of your home or office renovations call Sharpton Painting today.


Full Service Wood Repair

Rot happens even to the best of houses. All it takes is wood, water and warmth, and before you know it, solid lumber turns to mush. Exterior trim is the most vulnerable to attack by rot fungi and it doesn’t have to be very old. Dry rot is always a concern in extreme weather areas—ones which go from 100+ degree summers to foggy wet winters. Weather such as this stresses building materials to create ideal…

JC Deco Painting is a residential and commercial painting contracting company that services the entire Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach areas. We have been in the business of making people’s lives easier since 1994. What does that mean?

It means …

* We have the EXPERIENCE to handle any size job. No matter how small or large. Very few South Florida professional painting companies can boast a legacy of 20+ years in the industry, and even fewer have the broad project base that JC Deco Painting has handled with ease during the last twenty years.

* We have the EXPERTISE needed to fulfill even the toughest projects. No matter the size, type, shape, color combination or even location – we know what we’re doing!

* We understand how to find SOLUTIONS to your reconstruction, renovation or improvement projects. We have the resources to implement creative resolutions to unique situations.

* We focus on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. It starts in the office with our friendly and knowledgeable staff and continues with our talented and respectful crews. When the job is done, we’ll do a final walk-through with you, with painters on hand to provide any touch-ups you feel are necessary. We go the extra mile to make our customers happy.

* We are RELIABLE. If we say we’ll be there at 8 a.m., you can expect us to arrive on

time … if not early! The same rule applies to deadlines. We understand your time is just as valuable as ours.

We are, simply, the best at what we do. Every week, we receive compliments about the QUALITY of our work and the INTEGRITY of our crews. We use the best products, techniques and personnel because our customers deserve the best!

Epoxy Flooring

JC Deco Painting is certified through Devoe Coatings, PPG, Sherwin Williams and General Polymers as an epoxy floor coating specialist.

Our dedicated epoxy flooring crew will take exceptional care as they prepare your floor, and you can rest assured you’ll receive the highest quality and safest coatings available.

Protect Your Investment

Floors undergo much wear and tear. Coating with epoxy or urethane products will protect the floor from chemical corrosion, oil spills, wear & tear, scratching and damage. JC Deco Painting Epoxy Coating Team will help you extend the life of your concrete, while providing a cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant environment. Improve Safety Brighter work areas, anti-skid surfaces and controlled concrete dusting all lead to improved safety. JC Deco Painting installs Epoxy Flooring for many hospitals, laboratories, commercial kitchens, cold rooms, and restroom facilities because it is easily cleaned and sterilized. Epoxy coatings and striping create work spaces that are safe, bright, clean, and efficient.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Urethane and epoxy floors increase light reflectivity by up to 300% which will brighten the space, maximize productivity, and even cut down on utility expenses. JC Deco Painting experienced Epoxy Coating Team will help you reduce your floor maintenance, cleaning costs, and replacement needs.

* Epoxy Flooring Specialties

* Floor Striping

* Showrooms

* Healthcare Applications

* Anti-Static/Conductive

* Anti-Skid Safety Concerns

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